Karen Alstadt

Karen Alstadt ~ Skater and Grant Writer

A USFSA Gold Medalist, Karen Alstadt trained at the Broadmoor under Connie Nakamura and Carlo Fassi and in Lake Placid under George Valle and Cecily Morrow. She also appeared in “Systematic Figure Skating: The Spin and Jump Techniques of Gustave Lussi”, by Cecily Morrow. Inspired by watching John Curry bring a new level of artistic sensibility to the discipline of ice skating when he won the 1976 Olympics, Karen became a company member of the Ice Theatre of New York, where she skated in the original cast of Rob McBrien’s Hitchcock Suite, The Lark Ascending, and the revival of Lumière by Moira North. She also worked as an ITNY staff member, focused on production and writing company grants. Karen has taught ensemble skating in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Martha’s Vineyard, and at Sky Rink in New York City, and currently studies with Nathan Birch.

Always interested in broadening her experience, Karen, who holds a B.A. in Biology from Smith College, spent five years as the vice president of the Dipwell Company in Northampton, Massachusetts, bringing a sixty-year-old American manufacturing company into the 21st century via NSF compliance, rebranding, Internet presence, logistics, and reengineering and redesign of the production line.

Karen lives in Scituate, Massachusetts with her husband and their daughter.

She dreams of becoming a torch singer.