Lynn Hampton

Lynn Hampton ~ Company Manager

Native Marylander Lynn Hampton graduated with honors from Western Maryland College with a degree in English and French. She lived in both England and France and travelled extensively throughout Europe before returning to the United States, where she worked with the National Security Agency for twelve years.

While raising her daughter, Lynn became involved with the Bowie Figure Skating Club in Maryland, serving as a board member and Test Chairperson. Although organizational skills come naturally to her, the time as Test Chairperson allowed Lynn to put those skills to work in the skating world she’s loved all of her life.

Lynn currently works as an assistant first grade teacher at the Key School in Annapolis when she isn’t at the rink coordinating all aspects of planning and communication between company staff, company members, parents, and rink management. Her goal is to ensure that the inner workings of The Next Ice Age run like a well-oiled machine.