A Creative Collective

A letter from Nathan Birch to his staff

I had a talk with my skaters this morning and asked them if they knew why they were there. After listening to a few of their safe answers I told them the real reason. I told them that skating is so much more than jumps and spins and edges and medals. I told them that skating is a legitimate form of dance and that it deserves the respect of the world as an art. I went on to explain that anything that deserves recognition requires sacrifice and I pointed out that whether or not they knew it they were contributing their sacrifice of time and talent. Then I thanked them and explained that they really aren’t participating for NIA, or me, or even themselves, but for the betterment of skating as it is seen in the eyes of the world.

In preparing for this brief pep talk I realized that anyone who decides to throw their support in our direction is really signing on to the fact that the PROCESS MUST occur regularly at the very least. The process of rehearsal, choreographing, interpreting. It is my belief that the process itself draws Light into our world from a source so much greater than we can comprehend. As long as the intention is pure we can act as a portal, opening gateways for the Light of the Universe to come in and expand exponentially. This is truly what I’m about, and skating happens to be the medium. I wanted you to know this, so I thought I would share that with you.

I’m so proud of these young skaters. I wish there was a way that you could each see their work in rehearsal… even if for only a half an hour. I don’t want to lose focus on the pressing matters at hand, but I find their energy inspiring and I can see the future when I work with them. Perhaps if you were able to see the product literally being built you would get a glimpse of something more tangible and tactile, see the process itself, which has its own organic nature. Thanks so much for having faith in NIA and for your own respect and sacrifice.