This performance is made possible
in part by a generous grant from the
Lisa McGraw Figure Skating Foundation.

“I have worked with The Next Ice Age since 1990 and remain impressed with their commitment to produce ‘dance on ice’ at the highest level. This young generation is receiving a truly unique educational and performance experience I wish I had been exposed to at such an early age.” ~ Dorothy Hamill


The Next Ice Age exists to present figure skating as a respected and undeniable dance form through performance and education. We do this by developing finely trained skaters to perform new works and repertoire that engage audiences and enrich life.

We see a bright future for The Next Ice Age as it explores the notion of raising a young dance company on ice through early education and performance opportunities. Beginning this year, we have the pledge of a consistent weekly rehearsal schedule that will allow us to meet our goals in creating new dances, and developing our training program further so that one day our skaters can blend proper technique with their own ideas about choreography in skating.

Please join us for a complimentary reception upstairs following the performance and enjoy an opportunity to speak with the skaters.


I. The Next Ice Edge

Tonight we certify the first four skaters into Phase 1 of our educational arm, “The Next Ice Edge.” This program currently has four phases.

  • Phase 1: Learning and demonstrating an ever growing series of curriculum. Tonight you will see a demonstration of Series 1 and Series 2.
  • Phase 2: Being able to teach the curriculum to young skaters.
  • Phase 3: Using the curriculum and original invented movement to create non-competitive ensemble ice dances of 3 or more skaters.
  • Phase 4: Learning how to produce and present a new work of choreography.

CONGRATULATIONS to our first certified skaters: Maya Newlin, Tess Terpos, Allison Timlen, and Sarah Yasenka.These 4 skaters have perfected the details of all six “passes” in each series and have earned the right to teach this specific body of skating to others. (A “pass” is a sequence of repeated steps that go from one end of the ice to the other.)

II. New Works in Progress

This past week some of the skaters of both the Student and Apprentice Companies started experimenting with new choreography that will eventually be performed and presented at future events. Here is a glimpse of the future.

Members of the Student Company
Under the direction of Nathan Birch

Members of the Apprentice Company
Under the direction of Tim Murphy

This is the debut of the Apprentice Company. Part of our vision is to graduate Apprentice skaters to the Student Company, and then on to our professional Company which performs in and out of our region including our 10 week annual season in Ocean City, MD at the Carousel Hotel Resort. Performances nightly June 13 to August 21 at 6:30 pm.

III. The Debussy Nocturnes
World Premiere

Music: Claude Debussy
Choreography: Nathan Birch
Costumes: Alicia Jackson

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) was among the most important French composers during the Impressionist era. He wrote an introductory note … “The title
Nocturnes is to be interpreted in a general and more decorative sense. ‘Nuage’ renders the immutable aspect of the sky; ‘Fetes’ gives the dancing a rhythm of the atmosphere with sudden flashes of light. ‘Sirenes’ depicts the countless rhythms of the sea and its waves.” The complete suite was premiered on 10/27/1901.

Director’s Note:

The music of Debussy was a favorite of John Curry’s. His dances reflected this, especially ‘Afternoon of a Faun’. ‘The Debussy Pieces’ premiered at the Kennedy Center in 1985. I believe John loved the music of the Impressionist era the most because of its floating and seemingly effortless way it conjures the listener’s imagination. At its best skating has the power to evoke these qualities. This premiere is dedicated to John and to the future generations of our company.

Student Company Skaters

Grace Bloomfield Maya Newlin Victoria Boinest
Ana Shimeall Alexis Cruz Tess Terpos
Arissa Falat Allison Timlen Sophie Hampton
Tiffany Wang Robert Korycinski Sarah Yasenka
Kyra Lowery Lexi Nara-Yoshimura

Apprentice Company Skaters

Michelle Bao Kendall Robey Julia Choi
McKenna Schindler Montana Ignacio Grace Stulman
Katrina Jolly Kelly Timlen Sooah Park
Esther Xu Emma Pomeranz Faith Zaruba


Thank You To:

Karen and Brian Alstadt
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Lad Falat
Dorothy Fuchs and Purple Dot PR
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Jen Ignacio
Alicia Jackson
Terri Jackson and Born to Skate
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