Men Skating

Bringing Together the Greatest Male Professional Figure Skaters

MEN SKATING is a production suitable for both non-profit dance festivals as well as for-profit commercial venues. Its Mission is to explore, create, and present original choreography to all types of music combining both the artistry and athleticism of all skating disciplines. Featuring an all male cast, it is the vanguard of artistic skating entertainment.

Rodeo Photo: Kim Zaruba

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Javelin Photo: Kim Zaruba

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Machine Photo: Kim Zaruba

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Rodeo Photo: Kim Zaruba

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Premiered November 6, 2014
Laurel, MD

Choreographed and directed by:
Nathan Birch and Tim Murphy

Music by:
Michael Torke

Ryan Bradley

Wesley CampbellJonathon Hunt
John KerrShaun Rogers,

and Rohene Ward.


Premiered in 1991

Choreographed by:
Nathan Birch 

Music by:
Jukka Linkola

Will be revived in Fall 2019


Premiered 1988

Choreographed by:
Tim Murphy

Music by:
The Eurythmics

Revived 2015

Michael Solonoski
Wesley Campbell
Ian Lorello

On the Beautiful Blue Danube

Premiered April 1990

Choreographed by:
John Curry 

Music by:
Johann Strauss II

Revived 2018 


Wesley Campbell

Ian Lorello

Neill Shelton

Tess Terpos


Premiered 1983

Choreographed by John Curry

Music by:

Aaron Copeland

Revived 2019


Ryan Bradley, Mauro Bruni,

Wesley Campbell, Jonathan Hunt, Richard Kahn, Adam Kaplan,

Ian Lorello, Neill Shelton,

Michael Solonoski and Rohene Ward